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The Researchers to Entrepreneurs (R2E) Program

R2E is an online training workshop aiming to train researchers on the skills needed to initiate deep technology start-ups based on scientific research and innovative ideas. R2E offers immersive, real-world training that enables researchers to assess a technology’s economic potential, an essential first step on the way to a successful translation into useful goods and services. Program is focused on creating start-ups out of scientific research projects. The customers are mainly the researchers in Egyptian universities and research canters; the program aims to enable the entrepreneurs to launch their own start-up companies using a combination of training and mentoring tools and applications over a number of mentorship stages. R2E consist of two modules.

Modules of R2E Program

Module 1:  R2E: Base camp

Module 1: R2E: Base camp

Learning objectives (1) Understand basics of entrepreneurship and what is needed to start a business. (2) Be familiar with concepts and terminologies used in this domain. (3) Understand the difference between research and commercialization. (4) .. See More

Module 2:  R2E: Advanced Camp

Module 2: R2E: Advanced Camp

Learning Objectives (1) Enhance basic entrepreneurship capabilities to develop their ideas using the lean startup methodology (2) Make sure that they have a valid business model after potential customer validation (3) Checking on .. See More

1 to 30 November 2023

Apply to the program.

1- 5 December 2023

Applicants are screened and interviewed.

6 December 2023

Module 1 Starts

27 December 2023

Module 1 End

24 January 2024

Module 2 starts

28 February 2024

Module 2 ends & certificates are distributed

Eligibility Criteria

R2E: Base camp

Researcher basic requirements to join the program:

- Assistant Lecturer & Teaching assistant.

- Proven deep knowledge in the technical domain of interest.

- Ability to attend all sessions (absence of more than one session will lead to termination).

- Have time to do the assignment, expected (time needed is 16 hours).

- HR letter from your institution.

R2E: Advanced camp

- In this module, the researcher must have a business assistant.

The basic requirements for the business assistant to join the program:

- Have basic business experience (e.g. student/graduate from a business major, filled a position with a commercial nature, …etc.).

- Have the time and effort to participate in assignments (expected to deliver 5-8 hours per week for 8 weeks).

- Perform all assignments and attend the workshops (Absence for more than two sessions will lead to the team's termination).

Judging Criteria

R2E: Base camp

The top 40 researchers will be selected after evaluating application forms. Those admitted into Module 1 will work on their startup idea and its business model. This will contribute to their final evaluation.

R2E: Advanced camp

The top twenty will be selected from those that completed Module 1, to continue to module 2 based on the following criteria:


The number of real customer interviews performed

The quality of the validated business model.

The quality of their team work.

Their decision regarding the next steps in the business based on their findings.

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